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    We help you with the cheapest, scalability-ready and maintenance-free cloud services.

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    Our implementations save on average 87% to 95% over traditional hosting services, and they're are all hosted inside the powerful backbone of Google with all the major advantages of our own framework.

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    With our admin panels and the Google Cloud Console, you won't need a dev team to feel the power of web development and get hands-on.

Our Services

Let us empower you with real computing power at incredibly low costs.

Let us serve you with our boilerplate to serve instant, customized, responsive web apps.

Our Showcase

A web app for urban risk assesment and its geospatial correlation with poverty indicators.

Mexico's representation of the largest global movement of children driving change in their own communities.

A digital tool that allows citizens to express their feelings and opinions about the city and its urban environment.

A web app with multi-source information for neighborhoods empowerment.

A web app for closing the gender-gap in the use of technology.

The most important asset in this world is us. Humans.

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